Meet the Team.

Dr. Justin Harris

Dr. Justin Harris was born and raised in Albany, New York. His love for some of his favorite hobbies including traveling, sports and camping began as a young child. He spent full summers away from New York in places such as Florida, Arizona and California visiting his father, which he considers some of the most influential times of his life. Dr. Harris went on to complete his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Health Promotion at Pfeiffer University.


Dr. Harris was introduced to chiropractic through a friend prior to attending college. It wasn’t until Dr. Harris became a member of the Pfeiffer University baseball team where he realized the importance of overall health and function. After suffering a shoulder injury that led to two surgeries ending his baseball career, Dr. Harris wanted to know what could have been done to prevent this and wanted to learn more about chiropractic.


Dr. Harris enrolled in Palmer College of Chiropractic still unsure if this was the answer he was looking for.  Dr. Harris found his passion while learning the philosophy of chiropractic and witnessing the miracles of the human body first hand.


Today, Dr. Harris sees chiropractic not as a job but as a way to help future families get healthier through neurologically based Gonstead chiropractic care. Dr. Harris continues to learn, spending countless hours of training in the Gonstead technique to provide the best care to help your body heal from Above-Down-Inside-Out. 

Dr. Zach Metz

Dr. Zach Metz was born and raised in a small town near the Reading, Pennsylvania area. Throughout his early life he gained his love for the outdoors through his enjoyment of playing basketball, football and eventually competing in track and field as an all-around sprinter. Dr. Metz went on to complete his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science at Shippensburg University. It was there where he began to understand how important health was.

Dr. Metz found chiropractic as part of a personal journey to discover the true meaning of health. After suffering minor sports injuries and severe seasonal allergies throughout his early life, he was determined to discover the best way to heal, not just cover up the symptoms. With this determination he was led to multiple healthcare specialists, dietitians and naturopathic doctors, none of which provided any consistent solutions.

By the time Dr. Metz found himself enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida he still had gained very little progress on pursuing the truth on health and healing. However, he quickly found the answer in the philosophy that was taught in the early coursework at Palmer College. The same philosophy that created chiropractic revealed the solutions and delivered profound results.

Today, Dr. Metz knows, with all his confidence, that he is the healthiest he has ever been thanks to specific neurologically-based Gonstead chiropractic care and he wishes to lead others to the true meaning of health. He believes that he has been far too blessed in life not to help inspire those around him so that they too may encourage others in an attempt to create a movement of people who pursue a mission bigger than themselves. 


Chyna Jade Lexandra was born and raised near the southern coast of Florida in the city
of Pompano Beach. Here is where she grew up and developed with her four siblings.
With such strong family background Chyna became accustomed to always put her
best foot forward in everything she does to be an example for her loved ones.

As Chyna began to develop her skills in the professional work industry she found herself
taking on larger responsibility early in her career. From being the youngest nail
technician to becoming the lead assistant manager at her former establishment it
proved that her natural way to be the best glowed in every room.

Aside from Chyna's responsibilities at work, she lives an exciting life! She enjoys
traveling overseas to different countries with her friends and her fiance. Here in
Lakeland she enjoys long walks on Lake Hollingsworth and relaxing with her two cats.